Follow Friday: Emily Jeffords on Branding Yourself as an Artist

Happy Follow Friday everyone! I want to introduce you to an artist that I know from my college days: Emily Jeffords. I’m loving her current blog series dedicated to emerging artists.

She’s inspiring to follow as she balances her artistic career and development with being a wife and mom! I mean she challenged herself to completing a painting a day for 30 days during a difficult transition time for her family and she rocked it. Follow her. She has lots of great thoughts on being an artist.

Define who you are and what you create: branding

Yesterday I kicked off an exciting week dedicated to emerging artists with this post (aka, all the things I wish I had learned 5 years ago!).

Before we start talking about branding please get the idea of logos, packaging, and web design out of your head.  That is not branding.

A brand is a bundle of emotion and ideas.  It is an aesthetic that your product or creation effortlessly embodies.  You comprehend it in a glance, it resonates with you, and before you know it, you are aligning yourself with it, bringing it into your home, and raving about it to anyone who will listen.  THAT is good branding.
Define who you are and what you create: branding
Thinking about branding in this way makes it super appealing to artists and creativies – emotions and aesthetics?  that’s what we live for!

The first thing to think about is your portfolio. How does it feel as a whole?  Think like…

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